How Do I Prepare for my session?

Preparation for a successful headshot session starts days/weeks in advance! To get the most out of our time time together:
- Don't get a haircut or make any big changes right before your shoot (If you're not a regular and experienced self-tanner, please don't start the night before you session!).
- Eat and drink things you know don't bother your skin or make you feel bloated and uncomfortable.
- Get GOOD SLEEPS for a few nights before you come in. Yes your images are retouched, but I'm not a magician, and you'll look happier and more present and more CASTABLE if you're at your best.
- Arrive a few minutes early for your session to settle in and get comfortable as I may not be able to run over if you're running behind.
- Don't stress. We're going to have fun!

What Do I wear/bring?

I'm happy for you to bring as many clothing options as you like - I'm a chronic over-packer, so I understand the need to feel extra-prepared!

When you book your session, I will send you some questions to think about your casting/branding and what you'd like to get out of our time together. This should help you decide what type of looks you'd like to create, and what kind of outfits will help us make that happen.

Some general guidelines:
- A variety of necklines and styles will give you more options when choosing your final edits.
- Light, gentle colors will make for a lighter, gentle vibe.
- Saturated blues, greens, maroons, mustards are lovely on camera!
- Earth tones will usually work to make you look more mature and grounded.
- Super-saturated reds and very warm, bright colors like orange and yellow can sometimes take the attention away from your face.
- Black is a great option to really make your face pop, but don't bring ONLY black!
- Bold patterns can be fun for branding/editorial style photos, but can become distracting for headshots; however, a subtle pattern can add a bit of interest.
- We LOVE a layer, so bring that leather, demin, bomber jacket (mine's sequined!), blazer, cardigan.
- For branding shots for your website and social media accounts, feel free to bring some additional props, clothing, accessories, etc. (think hats, glasses, scarves, instruments) to our session. Really consider your desired aesthetic, and bring what you need to help us capture what you're after!

What do I do about hair and makeup?

Coming ready to shoot means that you won't be eating into your session time.
- Let's begin with a very natural, neutral, dewy face, and you can feel free to add more drama as we go. Cover blemishes (but don't stress about them, I will also sort these out in retouching), a little bit of eyeliner/mascara, and a neutral lip.
- Bring some powder if you're wearing makeup or oil-reducing sheets if makeup isn't your vibe.
- False lashes aren't necessary unless they're truly a part of your every day routine.

We want your hair to look how you'll turn up at an audition (or a first date!) -- The best version of yourself. Bring any tools and accessories that you use for your hair if you want to make a change mid-session or just do a touch up.

(Little personal note here - I'm basically hopeless at doing my own hair, I've never been gifted with the required skills. When I'm having headshots taken, I usually book a blow dry at a salon on my way to a session so I know that I'll be happy with how it looks in my final headshots).

Folks with facial hair are welcome to change things up mid-session, just bring everything you'll need to do so, and let's chat about it at the beginning of the session to plan looks accordingly!

When will I get my photos?

I will have a digital gallery for you to peruse within 72 hours of your shoot. This gives me time to weed out photos where you've blinked or I've missed the mark, and do a bit of basic color correction.

From there you will choose which photos you want to have retouched more in depth to use for auditions, on your Spotlight profile, or on your social media accounts. You can choose as many photos as you'd like for retouching - each package lists how many retouched images are included, and additional retouched images are £15.

Retouched images will usually be sent within a week, but occasionally it will take a bit longer.